If you have ever sent the wrong papers to a client, you likely can relate to both the advantages — AND HORRORS —  of today’s technology.

When used as intended, today’s high-tech communication tools are fast and convenient. But when used incorrectly, they can be quite a headache.

An article posted earlier in the year on the Web site of the National Association of REALTORS® addresses such blunders, and SIBOR would like to share its advice in the with our readers:

Relationship Management: Bounce Back From 5 Technology Blunders
Technology can be your best ally or worst enemy. How can you recover from an embarrassing or humiliating incident over e-mail, social networks, or the phone, or even avoid a tech mishap in the first place?
We all make mistakes sometimes, but a mistake delivered over technology can be a lasting one — even at times an “archived” one on the Internet that plays over and over again.

Maybe an embarrassing photo of you surfaced on Facebook for all of your clients to see, or you accidentally sent a document to the wrong client or hit the “reply all” button when making a snarky remark over e-mail. Such technology mishaps can certainly be damaging to your career, particularly if not resolved quickly.

In real estate, where technology is often more friend than foe, taking precaution to avoid tech blunders can be well worth the extra effort. According to a recent survey by Robert Half International, the top professional “technology etiquette sins” reported by human resource managers are being inconsiderate to others by taking calls anytime on a smartphone, venting on bad things about the workplace on social networking sites, using instant-messaging shorthand, and constantly pestering others using technology.

If you’ve committed a technology sin, the best thing to do is repent.

Here are some tips from etiquette experts on how to handle the fallout from some unintentional errors that can occur over technology and, better yet, how to prevent landing yourself in a technology mishap to begin with. READ MORE …

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