the-noble-maritime-collection-staten-island-daily-life-at-snug-harborThe laundry cart in the “Daily Life at Sailors’ Snug Harbor” show | via Facebook

The Noble Maritime Collection is located in Sailors’ Snug Harbor, in New Brighton. The Collection is centered around and named after the works of John A. Noble. Noble, whose father was a painter, was born in Paris in 1913. The younger Noble worked as a seaman on schooners and in marine salvage for close to twenty years, inspiring him to return to art and focus on nautical themes for his paintings. Although, by the time of his death in 1983, he outlived his beloved sailing vessels and the local maritime industry, Noble created through his art an indispensable chronicle of life in the harbor.

In 1992, the Noble Maritime Collection moved from Noble’s home to Sailors’ Snug Harbor. In its new home, the museum showcases his collection along with the restored houseboat studio where Noble created many of his works. The museum has continued to grow over the years and, in 2010, it was named the custodian of the “prestigious collection” of art and artifacts owned by the Trustees of Sailors’ Snug Harbor. It is well worth the trip to check out Noble’s art, his houseboat studio, ship model gallery, and restored rooms showing how Snug Harbor’s nineteenth-century sailor residents lived.

noble-maritime-collection-daily-life-sailors-snug-harbor-staten-island-randall-memorial-churchHomage to the Randall Memorial Church | via Facebook

How to get thereThe museum is located on the grounds of Snug Harbor Cultural Center. If you are driving, these directions will bring you to the east gate located on Fillmore Street. If you are taking public transportation from the city, take the S40 bus from the Staten Island Ferry to the front gate of Snug Harbor. If you are coming from the island, take the SIR to the St George stop and grab the S40 bus there.

the-noble-maritime-collection-ship-model-gallery-staten-island-snug-harborShip Model Gallery room | via Noble Maritime

What to do: There are quite a few permanent exhibits at The Noble Maritime Collection. The Houseboat Studio is the center of the museum. The restored 1954 houseboat shows where Noble created paintings, drawings, and lithographs for over 40 years. The Ship Model Gallery room has all types of ships on display: modern steamships, ships in bottles, models of famous sailing vessels, and more. All models are handmade by artisans and mariners. The Noble Crew exhibition honors John A. Santore, the firefighter who started the volunteer corps known as the Noble Crew. Santore was the heart of a volunteer effort for the rehabilitation of “Building D,” the home for the museum.

The museum has ongoing programs that focus on music and charity. Every Thursday from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., adults of all ages get together to sing and perform. A Helluva Choir, directed by Dr. Carolyn Clark, is free and open to anyone who enjoys singing — the chorus’ focus is on giving everyone a chance to sing, not on vocal ability. On the first Thursday of every month, from 2 to 4 p.m., you can join CloseKnit to knit hats, scarves, vests, and more for needy mariners and local families. Materials and refreshments are provided by the museum. 

noble-maritime-collection-john-noble-educational-program-school-children“Annie’s Journey to America” educational program | via Facebook

The museum also offers school programs, camps, teacher resources, and professional development. All school programs include a guided tour of the museum’s highlights, and activities include storytelling, painting, boat tours, and more. The museum’s programs can be adapted into any classroom, and their teaching artists will work with you to create a custom program to fit your curriculum. Principals can also bring their staff to the museum to help build their classroom plan. 

Contact the Noble Maritime Collection museum to plan your next visit.


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