Lighthouse-Point-Development-Project-Staten-Island-ArchitectureLighthouse Point Development Project | Artists Rendering via Triangle Equities

Earlier this year, NYC development firm Triangle Equities successfully secured a lease to bring new life to two acres of St. George known as Lighthouse Point. The land, which before was home to an abandoned Coast Guard base, piers, and lighthouses, had stood unsused for decades. With the Lighthouse Point Development Project finally approved after years of delays, cancellations and setbacks, it seems that this project is just the latest to transform Staten Island into a 21st-century hub of culture, business, and visitor attractions. 

Lighthouse-Point-Development-Project-Staten-Island-Real-Estate-St GeorgeLighthouse Point Development Project | Artists Rendering via Triangle Equities

The $200 million dollar project is slated to include 85,000 feet of space for retail shops and restaurants with outdoor dining areas and an amphitheater for events and concerts. Other real estate additions include a new building with 100 residential apartments, some of which will be affordable housing, and a 168-room hotel.

Triangle Equities wants Lighthouse Point to be a blend of old and new, with new buildings erected among the classic architecture that already gives Lighthouse Point its charm, the older and abandoned buildings being completely renovated for the project.

This development at Lighthouse Point will take place alongside other projects in St. George such as Empire Outlets and the New York Wheel, hopefully turning St. George into a true NYC destination.