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When It Comes To Housing Info, ‘It’s Just News’

Many people want to look at any news on the housing market and immediately categorize it as either good or bad. In reality, most news about real estate is not‘good’ nor ‘bad’. It’s just news. Current home values are much lower than just a few years ago. Many see this as bad news. However, there are two competing parties in every real estate transaction. When a house sells today, 50% of the people in the transaction (the sellers) could see the lower prices as bad news. However, the other 50% (the buyers) probably see this as great news. Many have said the struggling global economy is horrible news for the real estate market. But, the current economic challenges have also brought us sub 4% mortgage interest rates. We will see the eventual resurgence in the economy as good news for housing values. Let’s just realize that, at that time, we will also see rising mortgage rates as bad news for buyers. There will be challenges in every housing market. Those challenges will also bring opportunities. Spend less time trying to categorize the news and more time highlighting the opportunities the market presents. — Reposted with permission of Keeping Current Matters About The Staten Island Board of REALTORS® (SIBOR) The Staten Island Board of REALTORS® (SIBOR) is the largest not-for-profit trade association in Staten Island, N.Y. SIBOR exists to enhance the ability and...

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SIBOR, Staten Island Advance Marketing Opportunity: Don’t Miss Out

The days are counting down to Sept. 20, when the Staten Island Advance will be publishing a special “In Focus” section devoted entirely to the Staten Staten Island Board of Realtors. If you are looking for a special opportunity to promote your business, this is it. The section will highlight the benefits of homeownership and the many programs and services of SIBOR and its membership — including the numerous ways Island Realtors contribute to the betterment of Staten Island’s quality of life. The “In Focus” keepsake section will educate the public about SIBOR and the value of Staten Island Realtors and associated business members, such as bankers; mortgage brokers; attorneys; appraisers, and home inspectors, to name just a few. Space will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t pass up this chance to promote your business or professional practice in this historic venue. To take advantage of the unique opportunity, contact Tony Mulholland, Advance Classified Advertising Manager, by phone at 718-816-2850, or via e-mail at About The Staten Island Board of REALTORS® (SIBOR) The Staten Island Board of REALTORS® (SIBOR) is the largest not-for-profit trade association in Staten Island, N.Y. SIBOR exists to enhance the ability and opportunity of its members to conduct their business successfully and ethically; and to promote the preservation of the public’s right to own, transfer and use real property. Comprised of over 1,600...

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Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR): 4 Warning Signs of Mortgage-Modification Scams

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR) is echoing a government warning related to foreclosure rescue and mortgage-modification scams.  Such frauds are a growing problem that could cost you thousands of dollars – or even your home, according to an alert from, an official program of the Departments of the Treasury & Housing and Urban Development. According to the warning, scammers make promises that they can’t keep, such as guaranteeing to “save” your home or lower your mortgage, usually for a fee, often pretending that they have direct contact with your mortgage servicer – which they do not. suggests homeowners: Beware of anyone who asks you to pay a fee in exchange for counseling services or the modification of a delinquent loan. Beware of people who pressure you to sign papers immediately or who try to convince you that they can “save” your home if you sign or transfer over the deed to your house. Do not sign over the deed to your property to any organization or individual unless you are working directly with your mortgage company to forgive your debt. Never make a mortgage payment to anyone other than your mortgage company without their approval. What to Do if You Have Been the Victim of a Scam If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, you should file...

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10 Things To Consider Before Renting Your Home To Others

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Being a landlord can be challenging, albeit overwhelming. This is why the Staten Island Board of Realtors suggests homeowners read the following article from Keeping Current Matters (KCM) if they are mulling the idea of renting their home to others: Should I Rent My House If I Can’t Sell It? There has been a lot written about how buying a home is less expensive than renting one in many parts of the country. Rents are skyrocketing and homes are at bargain prices. These two situations are also causing some sellers to consider renting their home instead of selling it. After all, they can get great rental income now and perhaps wait until house values increase in the future before selling. This logic makes sense in some cases. We at KCM believe strongly that residential real estate is a great investment right now. However, there is a huge difference between deciding you want to become an investor (and landlord) and deciding that renting your primary residence might be ‘easier’ than trying to sell it. As a real estate professional, it is your job to educate the homeowner to the possible challenges that might arise if they rent their home. Here are some questions every potential landlord should consider: 10 Questions to Ask BEFORE Renting Your Home How will you respond if your tenant says they can’t...

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Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR) ‘Pack To School’ Program Marks 10th Year of Providing Classroom Essentials to Local Kids

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – More than 700 elementary school students on Staten Island’s North Shore will be starting the new school year with an essential assortment of brand new classroom supplies thanks to the Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR) “Pack To School” program. Through the annual initiative, now in its 10th year, SIBOR has donated thousands of backpacks stocked with marble notebooks, a ruler, crayons (24-count), washable markers, pocket folders, glue sticks, pencils and a pencil box to Island school children. “‘Pack To School’ is a behind-the-scenes initiative for Staten Island’s Realtors, who enjoy working together for the benefit of youngsters,” said Georgianna Diaz, president of SIBOR. “This is one of many ways throughout the year that Island Realtors display their sense of community.” The exact number of students to benefit from this year’s effort remains unknown at this time, according to Linda F. Smith, SIBOR director of membership and coordinator of SIBOR’s Pack to School program. “It’s still too early to know how many children this year will receive supplies as a result of this program, but our goal is to give away at least 700 backpacks filled with supplies,” Ms. Smith said. “The more, the better, as children are our community’s most precious asset.” Early in September, Realtor volunteers from across the Island will spend a morning personally distributing supply-filled backpacks to the students. Anyone who...

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